How Virtual Investor works

Opportunities every month means you can easily plan to add individual investors into your IR budget

Each month, showcases 10 public companies to present their growth vision in an engaging virtual conference environment. We selected a monthly schedule as the market is too dynamic and there are too many companies to limit opportunities on an annual or even quarterly basis.

Small and micro-cap companies, in particular, need more accessible, timely and affordable opportunities to transparently tell their story to a potential audience that can buy their stock.

Like a physical investor conference,'s online roadshows includes all of the areas that one may find at a physical event, including:

  • Auditorium – View live and scheduled presentations and Q&A interactions with speakers and participants
  • Exhibit Hall – interactive CHAT with senior executives and management , watch pre-recorded materials, download annual reports, investor kits, surveys and other information about new products and services
  • Prize center – take our 10-second survey to win a Kindle!

Meet more investors in 2018